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Last “News Monster”. We parted with emotion.

News Monster 4-ENBefore the end of the 2013-2014 school year we publish the newsletter # 4 of the project. It is the last “News Monster”! IN THIS LINK you can see bulletin in several languages.
This publication ended, with great emotion, “Virtual Museum of Monsters” project. For two years we walked together, surrounded by books and accompanied by wonderful monsters.  It was a great experience, we will always remember.
Thank you all for your support. You have been great monsters. Farewell, friends!

bye VMM

Monster logo created by  Foca Clipart


Together we made ​​a great project. Thank you!

vmm evaluationThe “Virtual Museum of Monsters” project made in May its last coordination meeting. We met in Tremañes School (Gijón, Asturias, Spanish State). 18 teachers from 6 countries (Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Spanish State) made ​​the final evaluation. In the evaluation process involving hundreds of children and families, and dozens of teachers from 6 countries.
The results seem very good. And we want to share with you.

Thank you all for your work.

Sendak in the “Virtual Museum of Monsters”

Sendak thanks

The last coordination meeting of the project was held in Gijón 🙁
Schools painted fabric (2 x 1 m.) with Sendak tale scenes: “Where the wild things are”.  Our friends gave the School Tremañes these wonderful fabrics. It’s a great gift.  Now Tremañes School is a beautiful Museum, tribute to Sendak. We share these works of art with you all.

Thank you friends! I will always remember.

Here is the “News Monster 3”

news monster 3Here is number 3 of the newsletter “News Monster”. The 6 schools in the project “Virtual Museum of Monsters” we distribute this newsletter in our town.

Here you can see bulletin in Italian, Czech, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Only two months of work to finish the project. After two years of intense collaboration, gives worth being near the end of this beautiful experience.

Zest for everyone!

We prepared the last coordination meeting VMM


Gijón (Asturias, Spanish State), May 21 to 25. This is our last meeting point. In Tremañes School we will do the project evaluation and review recent activities. They meet the monster-pet of the six countries that make up the project. It will be a major European Congress of Monsters 🙂

“Where the wild things are”, graphic novel

Children aged 3, 4 and 5 years of Tremañes School (Spanish state) read the book by Maurice Sendak, enjoyed a storytelling and analyzed history. We divided the book into three parts; each class was responsible for a part. Children studied the scenes and decided what the characters were saying. After preparing costumes and decoration to represent faithfully the scenes. We had long sessions of makeup, costumes, pictures … Then reassemble the texts and this is the result: our tribute to Sendak.
This graphic novel (in print) is exposed to the public in the Municipal Library La Calzada. Hope you like.

Lucy, Starry and “The monster that ate the dark”

Lucy and Starry still living in Tremañes School (Spanish State). They celebrated with us the “Monstrous Month” in the school library. They liked the storyteller of “The monster that ate the dark”.

English friends: Lucy and Starry have no fear of spiders! They are very brave monsters.

Storytelling the monstrous month from marianosuarez09

Exposition VMM in Tremañes School

Exposition VMM-Tremañes School

An English suitcase in the Tremañes School

Lucy and Starry already in the Spanish State. We invite you to see the arrival of a mysterious suitcase. Friends of Cossington School: Thank you for sending your monsters! We are going to take very good care.

Where is Lucy and Starry?

Lucy-Starry arrival

The first time we saw them, we thought: Why are so beautiful English monsters? 🙂