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It is near the “Monstrous Month”

Cartelu mes mostruosu 1

SchoolsĀ VMM project prepare the “Monstrous Month” in our school libraries: purchase books for the library, activities with local libraries, book exhibitions, exhibitions of monsters and monstrous masks, activities monster books, bookmarks, storytelling, puppets, reading, reading, reading…
Six school libraries in Europe promoting reading through monsters šŸ™‚

Stay tuned!

Molly celebrates the Chinese New Year


Children aged 3, 4 and 5 years of TremaƱes School (Spanish state) now researching Chinese culture. They learn things about China: animals, food, clothing, holidays, customs … The January 31, 2014 began the Chinese New Year, the year of the wooden horse. Molly (the Swedish monster) and children TremaƱes School celebrated this feast, so much fun. Within few hours Molly arrive by plane to Sweden. Molly explained there its beautiful experience. Great trip, Molly! Regards, Swedish friends!

February: Coordination meeting in Sweden


Prepare the fourth coordination meeting. We meet at Bifrosts Fƶrskola (Mƶlndal, Sweden), on 5-9 February.
We have much work: We prepare the project evaluation forms; coordinate the creation of collaborative stories, also speak of the “monstrous mes” that make school libraries, the VMM exposure in local libraries, our third newsletter, etc. . We visit our Swedish colleagues. They are good hosts. They were also great hosts fellow Czech, English, Portuguese and Italian.

This coordination meeting will be a happy surprise for the children of the Swedish School. A wish for all teachers who meet in Sweden: Great trip, friends!

map sw

Molly cooking omelette with potatoes

molly tortilla

The Swedish monster is a great cook! Molly helped children TremaƱes School (Spanish State): they cooked three omelette with papatoes. Molly really liked this meal. He ate all his omelette sandwich! Thanks to Swedish friends for sending us this nice monster.

Happy New Year, friends! Happy New Year, Europe!


This is our message today: Happy New Year! The “Virtual Museum of Monsters” project want a happy 2014 to all children in our schools, families, teams of teachers from each school, team Comenius Agency, the Agency eTwinning team, blog readers … It is a pleasure to work together from different parts of Europe. Best wishes to all.


Molly-1 year VMMMolly (the beautiful Swedish monster) continued on TremaƱes School (Spanish State). There he celebrated the first birthday of our project “Virtual Museum of Monsters”. We’ve been over a year working together, from Italy, from the UK, from Portugal, from Sweden, from the Czech Republic and from the Spanish State. Congratulations to all. Thanks to the children, families and teachers. And a lot of encouragement to continue with the project. Greetings.

Molly has chicks!


Molly lived a wonderful experience: I was born a few chicks in the incubatorĀ TremaƱes School (Spanish State).
The chicks are very friendly with Molly. Can you see it in these videos.

We also have someĀ drawings of chicks that did for our Swedish friends.


pitin_valeria pitin_jackie

Collaborative story Sweden – Spanish state

Collaborative story written by children Childhood Education from Bifrosts Fƶrskola (Sweden) and TremaƱes School (Spanish State).


Story Sweden-Spanish state from marianosuarez09

Narrate the story of Maurice Sendak

Sendak's storytelling

In TremaƱes School (Spanish State) presented the story “Where the Wild Things Are” as a tribute to writer Maurice Sendadk. We did a storyteller, in collaboration with the Municipal Library. We also prepare a presentation of the story, in partnership with the City Council.

What I like about Molly


Children of the School TremaƱes (Spanish State) are very happy with Molly. This video tells it like Molly. Children of the School TremaƱes send this message to friends Swedes: We thank the Swedish school children. Their monster is very beautiful and we want much. And we want good trip to Europe to Lion, Jaco and Prutt.