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Return of Prutt

A wonderful night

Our project is ending …. the children, the teachers and the parents close this beautiful experience with a performance on 27 May at the Opera Theatre of Eduardo.locandina spettacolo teatrale locandina spettacolo teatrale1

Tribute to Sendak

children of primary school Italian.

Dedicato all’ingegno di sendak from Tiziana Cippitelli

Foto b. per sendak from Tiziana Cippitelli

Storia rivisitata sendak from Tiziana Cippitelli

The problem has been resolved

Problema from Tiziana Cippitelli

work in progress!!!!

In pre-school and primary school are completing the survey
all that we do online



Jacò protects the Amazzonia

In our school some parents Ecquadoregni has spoken to us of the problem of the natural park of Yuseni in Ecquador. They has told with music and dances the life of these populations.

jaco and the parcVideo Maker

Simon says…

A game, “Simon says …… touches”
the English children and Italian children competed in a race on the names of body parts

video conference from tizzi on Vimeo.

primary school: Italy and UK

Giovedi 20 marzo, i bambini della Scuola primaria (Italia e REGNO UNITO) ha incontrato Virtualmente con Skype. Hanno Usato causa Lingue (italiano e ingl ese) per Parlare del Loro Corpo.






we prepare the video with Skipe “Italy and UK”

We prepare the video with skipe from Tiziana Cippitelli

Collaborative stories: primary school Italy and UK