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Czech present for Italian friends

Czech children singing a song in Italian

Juvenal in Czech Republic

IMG_93124. 3. I arrived in Trutnov. Brrr that was cold. I was greeted by lots of children waiting for me outside their school. They were all very pleased to see me and greeted me in English. In the afternoon we visited the small children, I surprised them by jumpimg straight out of my box. They also greeted me in English and introduced themselves. We played together and they even built me a house where I rested after my long journey. 

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Juvenal’s day with Martin

Juvenal’s consideration

Juvenal monster went to the airport in Prague to consider if travel to Italy via mail by a car or plane. As it saw the airport full of people, he decided to go by a car.



Juvenal book

Life with Juvenal

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Princes and Juvenal

We celebrated National Children’s day, we traveled by train and I have seen lots of


Juvenal day with Lucie

Welcome Juvenal in Czech R.

Juvenal coming to Czech school………….WELCOME!!

First meeting with Juvenal and pupils


Cossie in Czech school

Cossie and physical education
Cossie and snow
Cossie in swiming pool