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Goodbye Starry and Lucy!

It’s now time to say goodbye to Lucy and Starry, they have to leave their new home and continue their journyey in Europe.Starrys and Lucys house

As goaway-present from us in Sweden Starry got a nose and mouth! Now she can enjoy food properly and smell the flowers.

Starry with nose and mouth

Swedish monstersong

Monstersång from Linblomman on Vimeo.

Week 9 in Sweeden

I´m showing Starry my tower I have built. I´m showing Starry the seesaw, and we run fast very fast.

Dilan 4 years



I´m painting a spiderman-picture, this is the most fun to do inside so thats why I show this for Starry.

Ahmed 4 years

I showed Starry some ice that we had outside, she can skate on it because she is so small. Its funny to skate even though you can get hurt.

Emma 5,5 years.

We showes Starry all the fun things we have inside Linblomman, because she hasn´t been inside our classroom before. I choosed to show her a taperecorder, we use it to listen to music and fairytales.

Outside I showed her the slide, its funny because you can go fast in it.

Linnea H 5 years

I showed Starry this funny stone thats looks lika a cow, we have a stone that looks like a cat and two that looks like butterflies. They are funny because you can ride on them.

Emily 5 years

I showed Starry this log, you can jump and skip on and from it. you can crawl on it and you walk while balancing on it.

Alma 5 years.

Week 8

Bild 003

This week we introduced the vmmonsters blogg for the children. They liked to look at all the films and picturs that is on the blog.


The children especially liked the film about qr-kodes and got very interested in them. So ofcourse Scarry and Lucy who had been listening to the children and beeing very responsive made a qr-kod to the children that they recived in the forrest the following day.

They asked the children what difference it is between a pine cone and a spurcecone and the difference between the needles on the two trees. Can you see difference?


Week 7

This week on Tuesday we took Lucy and Starry with us to the forrest and there we looked at their flag and then we draw englands flag our self.

It is very cold here right now so Starry was happy she had a scarf.

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Week 6 trail hunting, Lucy and Starry arrived and housebuilding

This week has been loaded with a lot of fun stuff.

On monday we tried a new app with the children. The app is called  ‘Who was it’ which contains animals and their trails.

After looking at the different trails we did our own trails and we drew how monstertrails could look.

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Monster books

The children have received monster book. In the books the children write stories aboute their monsters. Teachers write first and then the kids write off.

Monster world

The children have created monster worlds where their monsters can live.

The Swedish monster Molly Monster

This is the beautiful Swedish monster Molly Monster that the children made. First they draw her and then they made her!


Molly is on her way from Sweden to Italy

Yesterday we said goodbye to Molly and helpt her to pack her bag. She is traveling to Italy in a backpack with a picture of Pippi Longstocking on it! And when Pippi is with Molly we are not worried, they will be fine!
We hope that the children in Italy will enjoy Mollys company as much as we have!