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Together we made ​​a great project. Thank you!

vmm evaluationThe “Virtual Museum of Monsters” project made in May its last coordination meeting. We met in Tremañes School (Gijón, Asturias, Spanish State). 18 teachers from 6 countries (Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Spanish State) made ​​the final evaluation. In the evaluation process involving hundreds of children and families, and dozens of teachers from 6 countries.
The results seem very good. And we want to share with you.

Thank you all for your work.

Tree Day

Lion celebrates with Portuguese students the Tree Day
In monstrous month Lion helps fight the monster of deforestation of the forests. With the help of our forest The Government offered a fig tree , a persimmon tree and a linden tree , to our garden.
At the end Lion teaches how to make a picnic in the forest. Care to have.
As build a fire safely

National Tree DayVideo Maker

Monster Convention

imageAll the monsters together in Sweden.

Happy New Year, friends! Happy New Year, Europe!


This is our message today: Happy New Year! The “Virtual Museum of Monsters” project want a happy 2014 to all children in our schools, families, teams of teachers from each school, team Comenius Agency, the Agency eTwinning team, blog readers … It is a pleasure to work together from different parts of Europe. Best wishes to all.

Feliz Natal

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year For everyone



Molly-1 year VMMMolly (the beautiful Swedish monster) continued on Tremañes School (Spanish State). There he celebrated the first birthday of our project “Virtual Museum of Monsters”. We’ve been over a year working together, from Italy, from the UK, from Portugal, from Sweden, from the Czech Republic and from the Spanish State. Congratulations to all. Thanks to the children, families and teachers. And a lot of encouragement to continue with the project. Greetings.

Children’s fears

Imagination takes a leading role in children’s fears and is, as we approach the three years (when imagination becomes richer and achieves a higher degree of development) which is boosted the emergence of fear of the dark, monsters, ghosts, thieves, among others. This is one of the most common fears among children, being transversal to various cultures and civilizations. Usually occurs between the third and sixth year of child’s life, and is usually overcome by the entrance to the school. Occurs focussing at bedtime, at which time the child feels “unprotected” when faced with the physical separation of parents as well as with the presence security that this offers.

VMM = European Quality Label.Thanks, eTwinning!

QL eTwinning VMM

The Virtual Museum of Monsters received the European Quality Label eTwinning. We thank the European eTwinning Service. The quality label was achieved thanks to the work of the children of our six schools, the important support of families and the efforts of many teachers to make teaching more motivating, more creative, more reading, and more European.Thank you all!

Monsters Games

vmm lim01

In this project we worked with monsters and monsters books… But now we have 6 games with monsters-pet of 6 schools VMM project: Prutt, Matylda, Lion, Gicca and Orgg, Jacó, Juvenal, Molly, Cossie and Lucy.

These are the faces of our beautiful monster-pet:

Monsters-pet VMM from marianosuarez09

In the link
VMM GAMES LIM you can download a zip file, containing 6 games to use freely LIM: puzzles (4, 9 and 25 pieces), name-picture associations, memory games …

Our advice: play, have fun and … read many books!

vmm lim03 vmm lim02