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Together we made ​​a great project. Thank you!

vmm evaluationThe “Virtual Museum of Monsters” project made in May its last coordination meeting. We met in Tremañes School (Gijón, Asturias, Spanish State). 18 teachers from 6 countries (Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Spanish State) made ​​the final evaluation. In the evaluation process involving hundreds of children and families, and dozens of teachers from 6 countries.
The results seem very good. And we want to share with you.

Thank you all for your work.

Sendak in the “Virtual Museum of Monsters”

Sendak thanks

The last coordination meeting of the project was held in Gijón 🙁
Schools painted fabric (2 x 1 m.) with Sendak tale scenes: “Where the wild things are”.  Our friends gave the School Tremañes these wonderful fabrics. It’s a great gift.  Now Tremañes School is a beautiful Museum, tribute to Sendak. We share these works of art with you all.

Thank you friends! I will always remember.

We prepared the last coordination meeting VMM


Gijón (Asturias, Spanish State), May 21 to 25. This is our last meeting point. In Tremañes School we will do the project evaluation and review recent activities. They meet the monster-pet of the six countries that make up the project. It will be a major European Congress of Monsters 🙂

Monster Convention

imageAll the monsters together in Sweden.

February: Coordination meeting in Sweden


Prepare the fourth coordination meeting. We meet at Bifrosts Förskola (Mölndal, Sweden), on 5-9 February.
We have much work: We prepare the project evaluation forms; coordinate the creation of collaborative stories, also speak of the “monstrous mes” that make school libraries, the VMM exposure in local libraries, our third newsletter, etc. . We visit our Swedish colleagues. They are good hosts. They were also great hosts fellow Czech, English, Portuguese and Italian.

This coordination meeting will be a happy surprise for the children of the Swedish School. A wish for all teachers who meet in Sweden: Great trip, friends!

map sw

Destination: Noverasco di Opera

map milano

On 6-10 November 2013 the 6 schools VMM project will make their fourth coordination meeting. It will be in Noverasco di Opera (Milan, Italy). The Italian school teachers worked hard to make this a very positive meeting for the project. Some of the topics of this meeting are: our multilingual dictionary, the collaborative stories we write, the tribute to Maurice Sendak,  the preparation of the newsletter “News Monster” n.3, and some preparatory work for future evaluation.
We work hard, true. But we are creating a beautiful story of friendship between six European schools.
Good trip for all. Destination: Noverasco di Opera 🙂

Meeting in Portugal

Meeting in Portugal

Coordination meeting in Cossington School

On 6-10 March 2013, nearly 20 teachers VMM project will have a coordination meeting at the School of Cossington (Leicestershire, UK).
In Cossington going to share and appreciate the work we did during the six months of this project. But we also work hard on several outstanding issues: Multilingual Dictionary preparation, merchandising sales for the purchase of books, preparation newsletter No. 2, relations with the Public Libraries of our locations, dissemination VMM project…
In Cossington will also enjoy activities for English children: Songs of monsters, cast masks, storytelling …
We will keep you informed.
Bon voyage to all teachers! And good luck with the job!

First meeting – Czech Republic

hard work :-)

A Comenius project for primary school children called Virtual Museum of Monsters launched at the beginning of this academic year. One month later the first meeting of participants from all involved countries took place.

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