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The last party before summer, the last party with monsters. Too bad! It was a beautiful 2 years. Thank you friends.


Lucy, Starry and “The monster that ate the dark”

Lucy and Starry still living in Tremañes School (Spanish State). They celebrated with us the “Monstrous Month” in the school library. They liked the storyteller of “The monster that ate the dark”.

English friends: Lucy and Starry have no fear of spiders! They are very brave monsters.

Storytelling the monstrous month from marianosuarez09

Name Day – MATYLDA

Jaco and the carnival of clowns


Celebrating the carnival with the clown   “Fischietto”, he is a clown of the group of Dr. smile

An English suitcase in the Tremañes School

Lucy and Starry already in the Spanish State. We invite you to see the arrival of a mysterious suitcase. Friends of Cossington School: Thank you for sending your monsters! We are going to take very good care.

Where is Lucy and Starry?

Lucy-Starry arrival

The first time we saw them, we thought: Why are so beautiful English monsters? 🙂

Prutt, Org and Gicca

Lion- a big scare

Monster Convention

imageAll the monsters together in Sweden.