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Collaborative stories: primary school Italy and UK

Collaborative story Portugal- Italy (Primary)

Rosina draghina is lost final from jinfcorredoura

Collaborative story Uk- Portugal (Primary)

Stary and lucy story beginning by harry (1) from jinfcorredoura

collaborative stories: Italy Portugal(KINDERGARTEN)

collaborative stories: Italy UK

Collaborative story. Itália- Portugal (Primary)

Rosina draghina is lost (7) (2) from jinfcorredoura

Collaborative story Sweden – Spanish state

Collaborative story written by children Childhood Education from Bifrosts Förskola (Sweden) and Tremañes School (Spanish State).


Story Sweden-Spanish state from marianosuarez09

Collaborative stories: Italy Spain

History: Molly and Prutt

Monsterstroy from Tiziana Cippitelli

History: Rebecca and Draghina