Monstrous Month

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Night with monsters

Mysterious night was 28th of March, Czech Republic. The children had to find monsters of all countries which was an important job. They also produced a mask of Sendac. There was a lot of running, games and entertainment.The children were in the cinema at the end of the day. There was a film, Where the Wild Things Are – in Czech: “Max a maxi příšerky” from Sendac. After the film had finished kids went to sleep in their sleeping bags in the classroom. It was 3 am.

Monsters night

Lucy, Starry and “The monster that ate the dark”

Lucy and Starry still living in Tremañes School (Spanish State). They celebrated with us the “Monstrous Month” in the school library. They liked the storyteller of “The monster that ate the dark”.

English friends: Lucy and Starry have no fear of spiders! They are very brave monsters.

Storytelling the monstrous month from marianosuarez09

Simon says…

A game, “Simon says …… touches”
the English children and Italian children competed in a race on the names of body parts

video conference from tizzi on Vimeo.

Monsters are learning with children

Our monster has spent with the children of one day. Calculated, practiced, and also tried drumming for children.


Monsters are learning with children by Slidely Slideshow

Color week – RED FRIDAY

Red dayVideo Maker

Color week – Yellow Thursday

Yellow dayVideo Maker


Green dayVideo Maker


Brown and orange dayVideo Maker


Our whole school welcomes spring with colors and play with them.

Blue dayVideo Maker

Monstours story in monstrous month

Was asked to parents who think the most common fears of their children.
Subsequently should go to the library or bring home a story to tell your kids.
we call this activity “I Tale …You tell ”
Parents should choose where they would tell the story, make puppets or scenarios.
Things to consider best to present your story