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Monstours story in monstrous month

Was asked to parents who think the most common fears of their children.
Subsequently should go to the library or bring home a story to tell your kids.
we call this activity “I Tale …You tell ”
Parents should choose where they would tell the story, make puppets or scenarios.
Things to consider best to present your story

Tree Day

Lion celebrates with Portuguese students the Tree Day
In monstrous month Lion helps fight the monster of deforestation of the forests. With the help of our forest The Government offered a fig tree , a persimmon tree and a linden tree , to our garden.
At the end Lion teaches how to make a picnic in the forest. Care to have.
As build a fire safely

National Tree DayVideo Maker

Monstrous month

In Portugal the monstrous month began with the .preparation of the carnival.

All monsters were asked to go outside

Monstrous Month Video Maker

Lion- a big scare

Collaborative story Portugal- Italy (Primary)

Rosina draghina is lost final from jinfcorredoura

Collaborative story Uk- Portugal (Primary)

Stary and lucy story beginning by harry (1) from jinfcorredoura

collaborative stories: Italy Portugal(KINDERGARTEN)

Collaborative story. Itália- Portugal (Primary)

Rosina draghina is lost (7) (2) from jinfcorredoura

Molly and Lucy teaching boys to make cupcake

Cupcake had its origin in the UK, where they are called today Fairy Cakes (Cake Fairies) traditionally a vanilla cookie topped with fondant in this classic 5 o’clock tea.

Cupcake from jinfcorredoura

Lucy and Star

Expressão e comunicação ing from jinfcorredoura