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Feliz Natal

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year For everyone


Children’s fears

Imagination takes a leading role in children’s fears and is, as we approach the three years (when imagination becomes richer and achieves a higher degree of development) which is boosted the emergence of fear of the dark, monsters, ghosts, thieves, among others. This is one of the most common fears among children, being transversal to various cultures and civilizations. Usually occurs between the third and sixth year of child’s life, and is usually overcome by the entrance to the school. Occurs focussing at bedtime, at which time the child feels “unprotected” when faced with the physical separation of parents as well as with the presence security that this offers.

Sara history

Sara powerpoint from jinfcorredoura



Tribute to Maurice Sendak

After we listen to story, and we explore the book, we decided to make a maquette.


A new year of learning and exchange of experiences.

“All children have the right to a name and an identity”

We are all special, we all have different characteristics from one another. The hair color, skin color, eye … the essential thing is learn to live with and accept these differences.
We all have a life story and identity.

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(game psychomotor and name identification)

Untitled 1

(Bingo Game – Introduction to reading and writing)


Molly knows some musical instruments

Some students from the music conservatory came to visit our school and present some musical instruments for students.
see, and try to hear the sound of instruments as varied as violoncello, viola, electric guitar and the organ was a fantastic experience for the students.
Everyone was very attentive and interested, Molly was placed on top of the organ to be able to see and hear better .

musica blog 4  musica blog 2

musica blog 1   musica blog3

musica blog 6   musica blog7


Meeting in Portugal

Meeting in Portugal

Friends in deep ocean

Children of Early Childhood Education the Agrupamento de Escolas de Porto de Mós – EB1/JI Corredoura (Portugal) and the School Tremañes (Spanish State) wrote their collaborative story. The protagonists are monsters, of course. If you read the story you will find that in the project VMM monsters and friendship is the same thing 🙂

Friends in deep ocean from marianosuarez09