February, 2013

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Juvenal Primary Monster begins its journey

Viagem do juvenal from jinfcorredoura

Jacó is already in the College Tremañes!

Jacó, the monster of the School of Early Childhood Education in Portugal, and is in the College Tremañes (Spanish State). We told you about his or her arrival. Jacó: Thanks for coming!

Jacó in tremañes from marianosuarez09

Gicca Org and depart for Portugal

Monster books

The children have received monster book. In the books the children write stories aboute their monsters. Teachers write first and then the kids write off.

Monster world

The children have created monster worlds where their monsters can live.

Matylda in the classroom

Matylda ve škole

The Swedish monster Molly Monster

This is the beautiful Swedish monster Molly Monster that the children made. First they draw her and then they made her!


Molly is on her way from Sweden to Italy

Yesterday we said goodbye to Molly and helpt her to pack her bag. She is traveling to Italy in a backpack with a picture of Pippi Longstocking on it! And when Pippi is with Molly we are not worried, they will be fine!
We hope that the children in Italy will enjoy Mollys company as much as we have!