March, 2013

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Good name day

Matilda celebrates with his new friends his name day.

Matilda eat in the school  a typical Italian dish: lasagna.

Matilda is happy with his new friends monsters.

Matilda festeggia insieme ai suoi nuovi amici il suo onomastico.

Matilda mangia nella mensa della scuola un piatto tipico italiano: le lasagne.

Matilde è felice insieme ai suoi nuovi amici mostri.

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New adventures of Jacó

Jacó is the monster-mascot of Portugal. These months are really enjoying the Tremañes College (Spanish State). We walked to see a beautiful museum and helped us recycle paper College. It is a wonderful monster!


The children of 3, 4 and 5 years of Tremañes College developed its quarterly research project: ” We make a painting exhibition. The paint other form of reading”. One of the project’s activities was to visit the Museum Evaristo Valle, an important Asturian painter left us beautiful portraits, carnivalesque, cartoons…

Jacó came with us to the museum and enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures, the impressive building (a small castle pink) and its famous gardens. The gardens are beautiful statues and many free birds singing. They also saw a temporary exhibition of Picasso’s drawings.

Jacó behaved very well and did not touch any pictures or any bird scared.


Jacó we like about many things: it is a beautiful monster, when he’s angry jets ejected by their crab claws… But we also like a monster because it is concerned about the environment: always recycle waste and becomes angry if we do not do. In our school we always try to recycle plastics, packaging, paper… We recently accompanied recycle paper and we had fun with it.

We collected all the papers of the College and miss in the recycling bins on the street there.

We also report on the activities of Jaco on the blog “We talked for Children’s Literature“, which in Spanish present information VMM project.

Presentation student`s Primary Corredoura – Portugal

Presentation of students from preschool Corredoura – Portugal

Presentation kindergarten of Corredoura – Portugal

Portugal presentation 1 from jinfcorredoura

10 reasons to visit Portugal

Corredoura – Porto de Mós


Jacó left Portugal to discover Europe

Prutt celebrates Father’s Day.

In Portugal in March 19 we celebrate Father‘s Day.
Prutt also made a beautiful frame to offer his Father Org.

pai prutt

Prutt in municipal pools of Porto de Mós

Prutt in municipal pools of porto de mós from jinfcorredoura


Molli is in Italy, if you want to read his adventures open the book

Jacó and Juliana Frog

Jacó, the monster-pet of Portugal, still lives in the College Tremañes (Asturias, Spanish State). We accompanied the Municipal Library of La Calzada, where we went to participate in a training of users. The Municipal Library is working with us on the project Virtual Museum of Monsters.

The school children and narrate your visit: “One day we walked to the Library of La Calzada to teach us to behave well and place the books on the shelves. Librarians were eager to meet and take you Jacó. He was very good and met Juliana, a frog that eats books. We had to remove the books from the belly of the frog Juliana and place them on the shelves”.