March, 2013

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Name day – Matylda

Names day 2013Video Maker

biblioteca di Opera

Laboratorioinbibblioteca from Tiziana Cippitelli

Tiziana tells…..

Travelogue from Tiziana Cippitelli

Lion with Libby

Lion spent the half term holiday with Libby.  They made cakes and went to the library.  Lion really enjoyed the cakes!

Visiting Stratford Upon Avon


Visit to Stratford click here for more photos.

VMM Carnival in Tremañes

Jaco, our monster friend of Portugal, participated in the Carnival: disguised with a mask of Lion. Jacó participated in the festival, participated in the contest monstrous cries and also participated in the dances. Jaco has fun, friends.

In February we celebrate Carnival in Tremañes College (Asturias, Spanish State). Carnival is a very traditional festival in Asturias. This year the whole school supported the project VMM: we disguise of monsters. Nearly 70 people dressed up in monster Lion and many others dressed as other monsters. The costumes of Early Childhood Education made them children and families (thanks, families). We carry a banner that read: “Lion loves Europe”. We share traditions, laughter, music, dancing, food… Now let this presentation here, because we want to share these moments with friends Czechs, Swedes, Portuguese, Italian and English. Greetings to all!

VMM Carnival Tremañes from marianosuarez09

Cossie in Czech school

Cossie and physical education
Cossie and snow
Cossie in swiming pool

Lion goes to Beaumanor Hall and becomes a pirate!

Lion and all the year 2 children went to Beaumanor Hall last Wednesday for an overnight stay.  We had a fantastic time, with most activities taking place outside in the beautiful grounds.  This Lion outside the back entrance to the hall where we went to eat in the evening.

In the afternoon we enjoyed lots of pirate activities.  We even made a pirate hat for Lion.

We named Lion, Lucky Lion the pirate.

Coordination meeting in Cossington School

On 6-10 March 2013, nearly 20 teachers VMM project will have a coordination meeting at the School of Cossington (Leicestershire, UK).
In Cossington going to share and appreciate the work we did during the six months of this project. But we also work hard on several outstanding issues: Multilingual Dictionary preparation, merchandising sales for the purchase of books, preparation newsletter No. 2, relations with the Public Libraries of our locations, dissemination VMM project…
In Cossington will also enjoy activities for English children: Songs of monsters, cast masks, storytelling …
We will keep you informed.
Bon voyage to all teachers! And good luck with the job!

Swedish monstersong

Monstersång from Linblomman on Vimeo.