April, 2013

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The monsters teach us a beautiful paradox

Monsters are preparing to travel again to Europe. The pet monsters made by children arrive in May to another country. His journey helps us learn more Europe, because children who receive them report their activities. So know your school, their customs, their country, their language … With monsters trips children discover an important idea: we’re different, but we are equal. A beautiful paradox.

Thank you, children, families, teachers and schools.

Thanks, Comenius.

Thanks, eTwinning.

Gicca and Org in Portugal

The WWW project in our school newspaper

The College Tremañes (Spanish state) publishes every year a large school newspaper. Has digital edition and print edition. All children from 3, 4 and 5 years have prepared two full pages of the newspaper. It is a special report on the project VMM. We invite you to view your pages (only in Spanish, sorry, but the paper does not have international edition :-)).
Our kids speak highly of the project and its European friends.Are you excited!

Goodbye Starry and Lucy!

It’s now time to say goodbye to Lucy and Starry, they have to leave their new home and continue their journyey in Europe.Starrys and Lucys house

As goaway-present from us in Sweden Starry got a nose and mouth! Now she can enjoy food properly and smell the flowers.

Starry with nose and mouth

it is spring

Molli and his friends walking in the countryside around the school.

See: meadows with flowers and flowering trees.

Welcome  Spring

Molli and toy museum

Our friend Molli visited the toy museum.
She saw the toys that our parents used when they were little.
There are toys made of porcelain, iron, wood and cardboard.

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The adventures of Pruutt in Portugal


Small “statues” of Jacó

Jacó, the monster-pet Portuguese, is still a “big star” in the College Tremañes (Spanish State). Children produced in English class small dolls of Jacó, made with clay. We love your hairs, which appear chips. I think we have a lot of grief when Jacó to leave the UK, but that’s life!

Molli at Theater

March 25, 2013
Molli went to the theater with his new friends. She ate the cookies of children.

Title of the show: THE MAGIC CUBE