May, 2013

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The great Prutt already in Tremañes School

Prutt already in Tremañes School (Spanish state). He arrived with a suitcase full of luggage. You sealed your passport. It is well and happy. He arrived during the birthday party we do at the end of the month. We did not give cake to eat, do not want to crash with sugar.
Thanks to our Italian friends for having a pet monster so pretty.
Thank Portuguese friends for taking such good care Prutt.
We will strive to be happy Prutt in our school. We will keep you informed.

Imagen 005Imagen 043

Starry and Modigliani

Dear friends, Lucy lives with the children in the pre school, Starry lives with the cildren of primary school  F.lli Cervi. Starry went with the children to the royal palace. She see an exhibition of paintings. She saw the paintings of the great painter Modigliani.4 CLASSE Visita Modigliani

Friends in deep ocean

Children of Early Childhood Education the Agrupamento de Escolas de Porto de Mós – EB1/JI Corredoura (Portugal) and the School Tremañes (Spanish State) wrote their collaborative story. The protagonists are monsters, of course. If you read the story you will find that in the project VMM monsters and friendship is the same thing 🙂

Friends in deep ocean from marianosuarez09

Special day …

Apresentação1 from jinfcorredoura


Photos of the animals Jaco saw at the zoo


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Ludovico loves Lucy

Ludovico is a young child of three years.

He saw Lucy and fell in love.

He comes to school every day and tries to play Lucy,

Lucy lives all the experiences along with Ludovico.

How will we do when Lucy will have to leave?

SDC19514 SDC19515

Discover … know … learn.

After doing a wiki page of the project, we were curious to know and discover other animals.
So we decided to go to the discovery of other species of animals in the zoo of Lisbon.
Reptiles, mammals, birds and the wonderful dolphins.

jardim zoologico 019jardim zoologico 035

jardim zoologico 089

Jaco and the Zoo

On Monday Jaco came on a trip to the zoo with class 1 and 2. We saw lots of different animals and Jaco had a great time. We also saw some dinosaurs which reminded Jaco of monsters but some were a bit scary, unlike Jaco.

Jaco is enjoying his time at Cossington and is looking forward to some of the other activities that will take place during the summer.

Monster Wiki arrives


Like there is a Monster Wiki? As already here.

We invite you to see the WIKI’S “VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF MONSTERS”. We are building it. When we finish you will see there all monsters invented by children six European schools. You will read stories that children create with these monsters. And you will have a multilingual dictionary to learn words recorded by children in English, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Portuguese and Spanish.

Enter the Monster Wiki and…  enjoy!