May, 2013

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Prutt initiates new trip

prutt mala

Prutt is lost again.
So, the Portuguese
boys decided to send him to Spain  .

Maybe , There,  he finds the mother and the father.

Departure from Org and Gicca

Departure from org and gicca from eb1corredoura

Gicca and Org learn Mathematics

Gicca org aprendem mat inglês from jinfcorredoura



Dia do pai monstros ing from jinfcorredoura

Today, Molli part but came Lucy and Starry Monster

In our school there are two postal packages

Molly part for Portugal, Lucy and Monster starry arrived from Sweden. Young children bring the monsters in the library.

Now, young children go to the post office to send Molly.

We are (eT)winning!

This is the poster that I posted for all to activities etwinning.

Goodbye, Jacó!

Information for friends of Portugal: Jacó travel by plane to the UK.
Information for UK friends: Jacó coming soon to Cossington School.
It is a nice and good monster. We are very happy with it.Thanks for your visit, Jacó!

Goodbye, jacó from marianosuarez09

Prutt in “Volunteer firefighters Porto de Mos”

Quando bato com a cabeça,
e fico a sangrar,
a mãe toda aflita,
para eles vai telefonar

Bem depressa
e com um sorriso
eles me colocam uma compressa
e me levam para onde é preciso.

” Bombeiros Voluntários de Porto de Mós”

When hit with my head,
and I’m bleeding,
mother in anxiety,
for them will call

very quickly
and with a smile
they place me a compress
and take me to where it is needed.

“Volunteer firefighters Porto de Mós”

Jaco and children learn to care for your teeth

The College Tremañes (Spanish State) had a visit. Came to see our friend Denise, dental hygienist. Jaco and we learned many things in his talk. He taught us to take good care of your teeth by brushing well. Jaco listened intently. Denise gave us a diploma by learning how to take care of our mouth. It also gave us a kit for cleaning teeth.We will win the war on tooth decay!

For a monster is important to have good teeth 🙂