June, 2013

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Happy summer to all monsters!

monster summer
Hello, friends.
Our projectVirtual Museum of Monsters” comes the end of first year. It was a wonderful experience. Hundreds of students, dozens of teachers, schools from 6 European countries We walked together a long and complicated, we strive, we collaborate And the results have been very good. Students in our schools are the main beneficiaries of this great work. Thank you very much to all children and all families of our schools. Thank you very much to all teachers in the six schools. The cooperation of all was very important.
Now comes the summer. Rest a little. Soon we will be back again. And the second project year VMM will be much more interesting.
Happy summer to all monsters!

History: Molly and Prutt

Monsterstroy from Tiziana Cippitelli

History: Rebecca and Draghina

Prutt summers in Asturias

Prutt summers in Asturias

The Forest Adventure

A collaborative story between children in class 2 in Cossington and the children in Spain.

Monster story

The children have enjoyed writing the collaborative stories so much that some have written here own stories.

Prutt visit a Museum of Asturias Celts and Romans

Prutt, the Italian monster is in Tremañes School (Spanish State).
We have some bad news: Prutt not found his parents at this school. We believe their parents are already in another country.
And we have good news: Prutt us visited a museum of the history of the city of Gijón. We visited the “Museo of the Campa Torres. In the museum there are remains of houses Celts (who had a circle) and there are remains of Roman houses (which had a square). There is also a water well, ceramics, jewelry, old tools There are things the old Asturian. And there are things of the Romans who came to Asturias for many years.
Prutt had fun at the museum. Children participated in a pottery workshop. The children made a clay statue with the figure of Prutt.
We are holding tight to a monster Prutt is very good and very nice.
Goodbye, friends.

Video of the “Museum of the Campa Torres


big party

7 / 8 June 2013 in the Public Library of Opera, we celebrated the first year of the project with a major exhibition. The people were more than 400 . We thank parents for their cooperation.

The teachers of the monstrous team

Welcome Juvenal in Czech R.

Juvenal coming to Czech school………….WELCOME!!

First meeting with Juvenal and pupils