October, 2013

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VMM = European Quality Label.Thanks, eTwinning!

QL eTwinning VMM

The Virtual Museum of Monsters received the European Quality Label eTwinning. We thank the European eTwinning Service. The quality label was achieved thanks to the work of the children of our six schools, the important support of families and the efforts of many teachers to make teaching more motivating, more creative, more reading, and more European.Thank you all!


Is Molly in the Spanish State?

Molly arrives

What we are nervous! The postman delivered a large package Tremañes School. The packet arrives from Portugal, but also was in Italy. It comes from Sweden. Is Molly in this box? Soon there will be news of nice Swedish monster 🙂

Destination: Noverasco di Opera

map milano

On 6-10 November 2013 the 6 schools VMM project will make their fourth coordination meeting. It will be in Noverasco di Opera (Milan, Italy). The Italian school teachers worked hard to make this a very positive meeting for the project. Some of the topics of this meeting are: our multilingual dictionary, the collaborative stories we write, the tribute to Maurice Sendak,  the preparation of the newsletter “News Monster” n.3, and some preparatory work for future evaluation.
We work hard, true. But we are creating a beautiful story of friendship between six European schools.
Good trip for all. Destination: Noverasco di Opera 🙂

lion has come

Into mosters forest Lion lives  …..


Juvenal in Czech Republic

IMG_93124. 3. I arrived in Trutnov. Brrr that was cold. I was greeted by lots of children waiting for me outside their school. They were all very pleased to see me and greeted me in English. In the afternoon we visited the small children, I surprised them by jumpimg straight out of my box. They also greeted me in English and introduced themselves. We played together and they even built me a house where I rested after my long journey. 

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Monsters Games

vmm lim01

In this project we worked with monsters and monsters books… But now we have 6 games with monsters-pet of 6 schools VMM project: Prutt, Matylda, Lion, Gicca and Orgg, Jacó, Juvenal, Molly, Cossie and Lucy.

These are the faces of our beautiful monster-pet:

Monsters-pet VMM from marianosuarez09

In the link
VMM GAMES LIM you can download a zip file, containing 6 games to use freely LIM: puzzles (4, 9 and 25 pieces), name-picture associations, memory games …

Our advice: play, have fun and … read many books!

vmm lim03 vmm lim02

Who has come?

In primary school, “Fratelli Cervi” came the postman.
It ‘a package that comes from the Czech republic

Who will be there?


Relaxing Juvenal



It was hard to believe, but yes, pursue our monsters in 68 states 🙂
This English blog ComeniuseTwinning project “Virtual Museum of Monsters” reads 68 places in the world:

France, Canada, Sweden, United States, Czech Republic, Italy, United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, Colombia, Russia, Germany, Australia, Greece, Brazil, Uruguay, Poland, Chile, India, Philippines, Turkey, Peru, Belgium, Pakistan, Venezuela, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Finland, Malaysia, Slovakia, Israel, Switzerland, Spanish state, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Panama, Thailand, Romania, China, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Palestinian, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, Serbia, Kuwait, Albania, Saint Lucia, Georgia, Japan, The Bahamas, Iceland, Ukraine, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Armenia, Guatemala and Belarus.

Thank you very much to all blog readers.
Blog Managers have to congratulate the children, families and teachers from 6 schools involved for their hard work.
Comenius and eTwinning thank you for giving us this opportunity to fill the world with creativity, children’s literature and happy monsters.