October, 2013

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Juvenal’s day with Martin

Juvenal’s consideration

Juvenal monster went to the airport in Prague to consider if travel to Italy via mail by a car or plane. As it saw the airport full of people, he decided to go by a car.



back to school

We have seen our monster Prutt. He lives in a castle in Spain. Thank you friends for the beautiful experiences you have had to do Prutt.

Instructions for looking after a monster


A new year of learning and exchange of experiences.

“All children have the right to a name and an identity”

We are all special, we all have different characteristics from one another. The hair color, skin color, eye … the essential thing is learn to live with and accept these differences.
We all have a life story and identity.

DSC01107Untitled 2

(game psychomotor and name identification)

Untitled 1

(Bingo Game – Introduction to reading and writing)