November, 2013

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Czech present for Italian friends

Czech children singing a song in Italian

Collaborative stories: Italy Spain

Narrate the story of Maurice Sendak

Sendak's storytelling

In Tremañes School (Spanish State) presented the story “Where the Wild Things Are” as a tribute to writer Maurice Sendadk. We did a storyteller, in collaboration with the Municipal Library. We also prepare a presentation of the story, in partnership with the City Council.

Sara history

Sara powerpoint from jinfcorredoura

Lion meets Juvenal



What I like about Molly


Children of the School Tremañes (Spanish State) are very happy with Molly. This video tells it like Molly. Children of the School Tremañes send this message to friends Swedes: We thank the Swedish school children. Their monster is very beautiful and we want much. And we want good trip to Europe to Lion, Jaco and Prutt.

Molly arrives in the Tremañes School


Molly is a nice monster-pet created by the children of the Bifrosts Förskola (Sweden). Just come Tremañes School! (Spanish State). We are very happy with Molly, Swedish friends. We made this video to see the arrival of Molly.

Tribute to Maurice Sendak

After we listen to story, and we explore the book, we decided to make a maquette.


Lion celebrates Halloween

Lion has found her friend Prutt

looks  the video