December, 2013

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Feliz Natal

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year For everyone



Molly-1 year VMMMolly (the beautiful Swedish monster) continued on Tremañes School (Spanish State). There he celebrated the first birthday of our project “Virtual Museum of Monsters”. We’ve been over a year working together, from Italy, from the UK, from Portugal, from Sweden, from the Czech Republic and from the Spanish State. Congratulations to all. Thanks to the children, families and teachers. And a lot of encouragement to continue with the project. Greetings.

Children’s fears

Imagination takes a leading role in children’s fears and is, as we approach the three years (when imagination becomes richer and achieves a higher degree of development) which is boosted the emergence of fear of the dark, monsters, ghosts, thieves, among others. This is one of the most common fears among children, being transversal to various cultures and civilizations. Usually occurs between the third and sixth year of child’s life, and is usually overcome by the entrance to the school. Occurs focussing at bedtime, at which time the child feels “unprotected” when faced with the physical separation of parents as well as with the presence security that this offers.

Molly has chicks!


Molly lived a wonderful experience: I was born a few chicks in the incubator Tremañes School (Spanish State).
The chicks are very friendly with Molly. Can you see it in these videos.

We also have some drawings of chicks that did for our Swedish friends.


pitin_valeria pitin_jackie

Lion and Christmas

Lion reads Christmas books near the Christmas tree.


20131209_130303 20131209_130313

la nave che velava…..

Thank you friends, we really like your video. We designed the ship for you.

Monster advent calendar



This year class 2 have a monster advent calendar to count down to Christmas.

Collaborative story Sweden – Spanish state

Collaborative story written by children Childhood Education from Bifrosts Förskola (Sweden) and Tremañes School (Spanish State).


Story Sweden-Spanish state from marianosuarez09