February, 2014

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Sendac and Czech Republic

Children paint the big picture from the book ….



Czech Republic and SENDAC

Prutt, Org and Gicca

It is near the “Monstrous Month”

Cartelu mes mostruosu 1

Schools VMM project prepare the “Monstrous Month” in our school libraries: purchase books for the library, activities with local libraries, book exhibitions, exhibitions of monsters and monstrous masks, activities monster books, bookmarks, storytelling, puppets, reading, reading, reading…
Six school libraries in Europe promoting reading through monsters 🙂

Stay tuned!

Lion- a big scare

Matylda is home

Velcome MATYLDA…. 


MATYLDA IS HOME by Slidely Slideshow

Children read book from Sendac


Collaborative story Portugal- Italy (Primary)

Rosina draghina is lost final from jinfcorredoura

Collaborative story Uk- Portugal (Primary)

Stary and lucy story beginning by harry (1) from jinfcorredoura

Children painted with they parents….

Children painting with their parents ….

collaborative stories: Italy Portugal(KINDERGARTEN)