February, 2014

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Monster Convention

imageAll the monsters together in Sweden.

Molly celebrates the Chinese New Year


Children aged 3, 4 and 5 years of Tremañes School (Spanish state) now researching Chinese culture. They learn things about China: animals, food, clothing, holidays, customs … The January 31, 2014 began the Chinese New Year, the year of the wooden horse. Molly (the Swedish monster) and children Tremañes School celebrated this feast, so much fun. Within few hours Molly arrive by plane to Sweden. Molly explained there its beautiful experience. Great trip, Molly! Regards, Swedish friends!

Good bye Gicca and Org

Children from Czech Republic prepared a going away party. Children cut out face masks, danced and sang with monsters.  That was the last activity in Czech and then they flew back to their family.



Going away party

Collaborative story. Itália- Portugal (Primary)

Rosina draghina is lost (7) (2) from jinfcorredoura

February: Coordination meeting in Sweden


Prepare the fourth coordination meeting. We meet at Bifrosts Förskola (Mölndal, Sweden), on 5-9 February.
We have much work: We prepare the project evaluation forms; coordinate the creation of collaborative stories, also speak of the “monstrous mes” that make school libraries, the VMM exposure in local libraries, our third newsletter, etc. . We visit our Swedish colleagues. They are good hosts. They were also great hosts fellow Czech, English, Portuguese and Italian.

This coordination meeting will be a happy surprise for the children of the Swedish School. A wish for all teachers who meet in Sweden: Great trip, friends!

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