April, 2014

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“Where the wild things are”, graphic novel

Children aged 3, 4 and 5 years of Tremañes School (Spanish state) read the book by Maurice Sendak, enjoyed a storytelling and analyzed history. We divided the book into three parts; each class was responsible for a part. Children studied the scenes and decided what the characters were saying. After preparing costumes and decoration to represent faithfully the scenes. We had long sessions of makeup, costumes, pictures … Then reassemble the texts and this is the result: our tribute to Sendak.
This graphic novel (in print) is exposed to the public in the Municipal Library La Calzada. Hope you like.

Tribute to Sendak

children of primary school Italian.

Dedicato all’ingegno di sendak from Tiziana Cippitelli

Foto b. per sendak from Tiziana Cippitelli

Storia rivisitata sendak from Tiziana Cippitelli

Easter and monsters


Night with monsters

Mysterious night was 28th of March, Czech Republic. The children had to find monsters of all countries which was an important job. They also produced a mask of Sendac. There was a lot of running, games and entertainment.The children were in the cinema at the end of the day. There was a film, Where the Wild Things Are – in Czech: “Max a maxi příšerky” from Sendac. After the film had finished kids went to sleep in their sleeping bags in the classroom. It was 3 am.

Monsters night

The problem has been resolved

Problema from Tiziana Cippitelli

work in progress!!!!

In pre-school and primary school are completing the survey
all that we do online



Lucy, Starry and “The monster that ate the dark”

Lucy and Starry still living in Tremañes School (Spanish State). They celebrated with us the “Monstrous Month” in the school library. They liked the storyteller of “The monster that ate the dark”.

English friends: Lucy and Starry have no fear of spiders! They are very brave monsters.

Storytelling the monstrous month from marianosuarez09