Juvenal in Czech Republic

IMG_93124. 3. I arrived in Trutnov. Brrr that was cold. I was greeted by lots of children waiting for me outside their school. They were all very pleased to see me and greeted me in English. In the afternoon we visited the small children, I surprised them by jumpimg straight out of my box. They also greeted me in English and introduced themselves. We played together and they even built me a house where I rested after my long journey. 

After my nap we took a trip to Kutna Hora, where I got a big frightened when they showed me SKELETONS of Czech Royalty. In st.Barbora temple we felt like in a castle but we ended up in a mine.

Few days later we were transported to a fairy tail about a Gingerbread house with children from Year One. I tried the specialty- gingerbread cookies with honey. They tasted very nice and I was pleased that we didn’t meet the old witch. I was a little bit scared.

Not forgetting our stay in the fresh air, we also ran, jumped and played football at a school playground.  Children prepared a sweet biscuit cake. Yuck, i didn’t like it. We celebrated National Children’s day, we traveled by train and I have seen lots of princesses.

From 1st July children started their summer holiday and they all went their separate way to various holiday destinations all over the world. At the end of the summer holiday they all took me to a hockey camp. I helped to be a goalie and I was quite good at it. When the ball landed in my eye it hurt a bit but the children took a good care of me and I was able to stay till the end.

And then the school started again, school chores started and I have tried to be a school boy for a bit. I spent a day with Year One student Martin and from Year Three Lucka. Children don’t have it easy at school. Teachers always want lots of things from them.

Autumn came very quickly . It is chilly in the morning and my feet and ears get cold. I got warmer during dancing when we welcomed autumn. Autumn gnomes took me amongst themselves and we completed lots of autumn chores.

It was almost time to go home and I went to visit the Airport from where I wanted to travel back. It was very busy and chaotic. I was a bit worried that I would catch the wrong plane so I decided that it would be safer if the children sent me back home in my box by post. So that’s what’s happened….


Portugalská příšerka na florbalovém kempu
Školní družina s portugalskou příšerkou
Příšerka Juvenal v Kutné Hoře
2013_05_Perníková chaloupka
Příšerka Juvenal a podzim
Příšerka Juvenal v Chobotnici
Poslední výlet s portugalskou příšerkou Juvenalem

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