Lion and Christmas

Lion reads Christmas books near the Christmas tree.


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2 Comments  to  Lion and Christmas

  1. Tremañes School says:

    Messaggio di bambini della Scuola Tremañes: Amici italiani, si prende cura molto bene al nostro mostro Lion. Lion ama i libri, bene!. Ci piace molto il quadro in cui le palle di albero scintillante, è una bella immagine. Grazie.

    Message children Tremañes School: Italian friends, you take care very well to our monster Lion. A Lion likes books, good!. We really like the picture where the sparkling tree balls, is a very pretty picture. Thank you.

  2. Maria luz says:

    We´d liked Lion´s guess a lot. He´s very pretty.
    ( Tremañes´ child)
    Buon Natale

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