Molly has chicks!


Molly lived a wonderful experience: I was born a few chicks in the incubator Tremañes School (Spanish State).
The chicks are very friendly with Molly. Can you see it in these videos.

We also have some drawings of chicks that did for our Swedish friends.


pitin_valeria pitin_jackie

2 Comments  to  Molly has chicks!

  1. Heléne Klasson-Rehn says:

    The chickens where so cute! We are jealous on Molly, we want to meet them too!

  2. mariano says:

    The chicks grew much: they are big cocks and hens. Now living on farms with families of students. In the “Travel Journal” from Molly we sent photographs of the incubator and chicks. We think you will like. Regards, Swedish friends.
    Kycklingarna växte mycket: de är stora tuppar och hönor. Nu lever på gårdar med familjer av studenter. I “Travel Journal” från Molly skickade vi fotografier av inkubatorn och kycklingar. Vi tror att du kommer att gilla. Hälsningar, svenska vänner.

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