Children’s fears

Imagination takes a leading role in children’s fears and is, as we approach the three years (when imagination becomes richer and achieves a higher degree of development) which is boosted the emergence of fear of the dark, monsters, ghosts, thieves, among others. This is one of the most common fears among children, being transversal to various cultures and civilizations. Usually occurs between the third and sixth year of child’s life, and is usually overcome by the entrance to the school. Occurs focussing at bedtime, at which time the child feels “unprotected” when faced with the physical separation of parents as well as with the presence security that this offers.

4 Comments  to  Children’s fears

  1. Mariano says:

    Portuguese Friends: This video is an original work. At my school we liked very much.Congratulations! Thank you for your good ideas.

    • Irene says:

      Thank you
      The experience was fantastic.
      The kids loved to participate, transforming the room into a bedroom, come dressed in pajamas and listen to the sounds and shadows of the night.
      The sound of a tree branch hitting the glass, wind shaking a plastic bag, the night looked scary.

  2. Maria luz says:

    It´s very funny and we like playing with this game. (child from Tremañes) Bon Natal

  3. tiziana says:

    Ciao Irene, Felice anno nuovo.
    Abbiamo visto il vostro video, i bambini lo amano. Ora vogliono provare anche loro a fare gli indovinelli. A gennaio lo prepariamo anche noi. Grazie per le tue idee originali.

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