Lucy the Monster From Class 2 in Cossington

The children in class 2 have really enjoyed designing and making their monster.  She is now ready and looking forward to visiting Sweden in February.  The children called her Lucy as they enjoyed learning about St Lucia’s day in December.


3 Comments  to  Lucy the Monster From Class 2 in Cossington

  1. mariano says:

    The one-eyed monsters are my favorites (not sure why).Lucy is great!

  2. irene says:

    Lucy is Very pretty and fluffy.

  3. helene says:

    Alma 5, Emily 5 and Ebbe 3 years:
    We think that Lucy is very pretty. We are looking forward to meet Lucy and are very excited. We think its gonne be a blast. We are gonne say hello to her, play with her and we are gonne be very kind to her!

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