Lion traveling to the UK

Today all preschool children Tremañes College (Spanish state) said goodbye to our monster, Lion. He began his journey to our friendly school in the UK, will get there in a few days. Bring your suitcase, your passport, your travel journal and a presentation letter. It also carries the beginning of a story: “The Adventures of Lion” our friends of the european Schools will continue to finish this story.
We gave him lots of kisses to fire him. Lion made two gifts to say goodbye. We gave some notebooks. And gave us a QR code with a message from him. We read the QR code with the iPad. We had fun. Godspeed, Lion! You will see within … two years!


8 Comments  to  Lion traveling to the UK

  1. irene says:

    I like Lion,
    very colorful. And the suitcase ….wonderful.

  2. Zdenek says:

    Wau……Safe journey Lion!
    WAU……viaje seguro Lion!

  3. tiziana says:

    Querido Lion eres bonito redondo, estás atento a los lobos porque si te encuentran pueden intercambiarte por un personaje de la historia de los tres cochinillos. (comentario de los niños de cuatro años de la escuela F. Cervi Noverasco)

  4. kate says:

    We are very excited that Lion is coming to England. We look forward to showing him our school and local area.

  5. bambini cervi says:

    ciao, buon amico. Ti aspettiamo qui a noverasco nella nostra scuola. Fai buon viaggio
    i bambini

  6. Bambini 5 anni Tremañes says:

    Ciao, siamo Nayara, Maria, Valery, Yelco, Sandra, Chris e Daniel. Abbiamo 5 anni e siamo Tremañes scuola. Pensiamo che Lion è molto diverso da un maiale. Ma se i lupi vengono a mangiare un Lion, per favore, contribuire a salvare Lion in pasto ai lupi. Tanti baci e abbracci.

  7. Bambini 5 anni Tremañes says:

    Ciao, siamo Leire, Owen, Alessa, iyan, Raul, Ezechiele e Irene. Abbiamo 5 anni e siamo nei Tremañes College. Chiediamo un favore: quando Lion viene in Italia, metedlo nella sua scuola senza essere mangiati dai lupi. Addio, amici.

  8. bambini cervi says:

    we are Tiziana, irene, niccolo, luca,tommso…we defend Lion and when there wolves we give the blows with the stick basboll!!!!
    defendemos Lion y cuando hay lobos le damos los golpes con el palo basboll!!!!

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