Lion and QR codes

We invite you to see this video. We how our monster, Lion, communicates with us through QR codes. It is a fun experience that helps us to be more proficient in reading and writing skills, ICT skills also. We also have the video in Spanish. Monsters will help us learn a lot!

3 Comments  to  Lion and QR codes

  1. Måns 3 år says:

    I thougt that the qr-codes was very exciting, I would really like to get one of those.

  2. helene says:

    It looked like so much fun with the qr-codes so we decided to try it! So we have now made a message to the kids from Lucy and Starry and tomorrow they are gonne get it!

  3. mariano says:

    What good news, Helene! Our opinion is that QR codes stimulate learning and are very funny. Good luck with your work, friends.

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