Jacó: a superstar in the College Tremañes

Jacó, the beautiful monster that came from Portugal, still lives in the College Tremañes (Spanish State). Today I invite you to watch a video with our opinions on Jacó. We can not hide: We love Jacó!

3 Comments  to  Jacó: a superstar in the College Tremañes

  1. helene says:

    We in the monsterbunnygroup (4-6 years) found this film was good and nice. We liked the hearts they were cute. Jaco was very nice and we want him to come here.

  2. irene says:

    I am very happy for liking the Jacob
    Congratulations Movie is wonderful.

  3. Alunos says:

    Olá amigos.
    Obrigada pelo video. Estava muito bonito.
    Gostámos muito de ouvir os meninos a falar espanhol.
    Brinquem muito com o Jacó, cuidem bem dele e continuem a reciclar e a cuidar do ambiente, porque todos precisamos dele para viver.

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