Week 9 in Sweeden

I´m showing Starry my tower I have built. I´m showing Starry the seesaw, and we run fast very fast.

Dilan 4 years



I´m painting a spiderman-picture, this is the most fun to do inside so thats why I show this for Starry.

Ahmed 4 years

I showed Starry some ice that we had outside, she can skate on it because she is so small. Its funny to skate even though you can get hurt.

Emma 5,5 years.

We showes Starry all the fun things we have inside Linblomman, because she hasn´t been inside our classroom before. I choosed to show her a taperecorder, we use it to listen to music and fairytales.

Outside I showed her the slide, its funny because you can go fast in it.

Linnea H 5 years

I showed Starry this funny stone thats looks lika a cow, we have a stone that looks like a cat and two that looks like butterflies. They are funny because you can ride on them.

Emily 5 years

I showed Starry this log, you can jump and skip on and from it. you can crawl on it and you walk while balancing on it.

Alma 5 years.

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  1. kate says:

    It is so nice to see that Starry is having fun in Sweden!

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