Jacó and Juliana Frog

Jacó, the monster-pet of Portugal, still lives in the College Tremañes (Asturias, Spanish State). We accompanied the Municipal Library of La Calzada, where we went to participate in a training of users. The Municipal Library is working with us on the project Virtual Museum of Monsters.

The school children and narrate your visit: “One day we walked to the Library of La Calzada to teach us to behave well and place the books on the shelves. Librarians were eager to meet and take you Jacó. He was very good and met Juliana, a frog that eats books. We had to remove the books from the belly of the frog Juliana and place them on the shelves”.

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  1. irene says:

    We are delighted with the news of our Jacó
    I hope he is behaving.
    He should be happy because he loves books and stories.

  2. We have also enjoyed Yaco’s visit to the library. A very very special guest. Juliana, our “tale-eater frog”, told us that she had a very interesting conversation about delicious stories with Yaco. Although she avoided to tell him, in case he got angry, that her favourite stories are those about monsters. Juliana always says these are delicious!!!

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