The adventures of Pruutt in Portugal


3 Comments  to  The adventures of Pruutt in Portugal

  1. tiziana says:

    Irene and children you are fantastic.
    Also my children have a good time making histories with this it programs.

  2. Children 3 years school Tremañes says:

    Hello, Prutt. We love you, friend. It is very beautiful castle in Portugal. But we want Prutt come to our school. Goodbye.

  3. irene says:

    Hello buddies
    I’m full of missed you.
    I like it here in Portugal with this boys, but sometimes do not quite understand what they say. They speak another language.
    I am here to learn many things.
    But I’m also teaching.
    Like the book of adventures they did with my adventures in the castle of Porto de Mos.
    It was a good way for them to learn to count.
    I’m a little sad because I have not found my parents, but tomorrow I’ll look at school primariua.Os Big boys told me that there were monsters Italians.
    How happy I am.
    Finally I find my dear parents.

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