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“Virtual Museum of Monsters” is an education project to encourage reading, creativity, ICT, collaborative work and theEuropean identity. From children’s literature dealing with monsters, the partner schools reach their goals throughcollaborative design of the monsters that will comprise the virtual museum, along with the stories to be written with thesecharacters. Each school will also create a monster-pet, this will travel to all partner countries, with his/her passport and his/her guestbook. The partners, in addition to the virtual museum will prepare multilingual dictionaries, will develop a”Monstrous Month” in the school library, will create a school cooperative project to sell merchandise and buy books for thelibrary, will published newsletters and held an exhibition in collaboration with public libraries in their localities. The entireproject will be reflected in a blog that serves the project of public presentation. This work will enhance the participation ofstudents, their families and the whole school community in the educational activity.The project can achieve two objectives more: to develop our educational models compared with our partners, to examineand compare the methodology of literacy in Nursery and Primary school.The project provides children with activities that encourage them to “learn by doing”; they will be active subjects of theirlearning. Students will participate in the evaluation of the project.



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  1. Hola

    Soy Vladimir Zúñiga de Foca Clipart.
    Me ha encantado su proyecto y me he tomado la libertad de hacer un pequeño logo textual para su sitio:



  2. Mariano says:

    Thank you very much for your help, Vladimir. We know your work through the internet. You’re a great illustrator. We use one of your monsters as the logo of the project “Virtual Museum of Monsters”, and when we used to Seal Clipart quote and Creative Commons license. You’re very kind sending this new logo. Thank you very much. Greetings.
    Mariano Suárez (VMM project coordinator)

    Muchas gracias por tu colaboración, Vladimir. Conocemos tu trabajo a través de Internet. Eres un gran ilustrador. Utilizamos uno de tus monstruos como logotipo del proyecto “Museum Virtual de Monstruos”, y cuando lo usamos citamos a Foca Clipart y la licencia de Creative Commons. Eres muy amable enviándonos este nuevo logotipo. Muchas gracias. Saludos.
    Mariano Suárez (coordinador del proyecto VMM)

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